Nate Hill: "Eventor"

Nate is not your average personal chef or bartender.  He blends his love of cooking with a celebration of life, family and friends.  His style is home-grown, comfortable and adaptable to a variety of events and cuisine with the client’s desire always taking priority.  Whether it be stopping by on a Sunday morning to prepare brunch for friends, or an intimate romantic meal for two, Nate will provide the right blend of food, drink and even music to make any meal or gathering an event to remember.  He is your event inventor ("Eventor").

Shrimp Scampi over rice topped with queso blanco.


Sometimes you just want someone to stop by and prepare dinner for you after a long day. Give Nate a call to put together dinner for the family, or even just you.  Unwind while Nate pours you a glass of wine and prepares the meal.  Then sit down to a delicious home cooked meal that you didn't have to prepare...many times with only short notice needed!


Everyone likes a party with a theme.  Have Nate mix the right food and beverages with the right music to achieve your entertaining goals.


Want to create a romantic dinner or festive brunch that will be remembered long after the dishes are put away? Let Nate create just the right menu and environment for you to sit back and enjoy your company!